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Mobile Banking is a great, free way to access your bank accounts wherever you are through your smartphone or other smart device. From a downloadable app within your phone, you will have the ability to check account balances, transfer funds, pay bills (if signed up for Electronic Bill Pay), and now, you can even make deposits. Read below for more information on this new service offered by our bank.

How to Enroll

You must be enrolled in Internet Banking to sign up for Mobile Banking. If you are not already signed up for Internet Banking, please click the link below and enroll by filling out your account information.

Enroll in Internet Banking

If you are already an Internet Banking customer, follow these easy steps to start Mobile Banking. Please contact the bank if you have any questions or need assistance.

Set Up Mobile Banking

  1. Go to either Google Play Store (if you have an Android smartphone or device) or the App Store (if you have an Apple smartphone or device). You will need to download the TouchBanking App from one of these app stores. You can search for “TouchBanking” in the search bar. The app image should look like the image below:
    TouchBanking App
  2. Download and install this app.
  3. Once the app is downloaded, open it and you will be prompted to enter an app code. That code is GoMobile4199 and then enter your username – it is the same username you use to log into Internet Banking. Click Continue.
  4. One of your Internet Banking Security Questions will come up. Type your answer, then click Continue.
  5. Enter your password – again, it will be the same one you use for Internet Banking – and click Log In.
  6. You will get a Terms and Conditions page – choose “I Accept”
  7. When you are done you can either log out or close out of the app completely and you will be automatically logged out.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone!

  • Login to Mobile Banking
  • Select Deposit
  • Select New mobile deposit
  • Select the checking account to which you’d like to make the deposit
  • Take a picture of the front and back of your check, following the on-screen instructions (make sure you sign it and indicate “For Mobile Deposit Only”)
  • Enter the check amount
  • Verify that everything on the screen is correct, then confirm
  • We’ll confirm that the check has been received


When you use Mobile Banking through the TouchBanking app, you will need to enter your password. This is the same password you use to log into Internet Banking. Your identity will be verified each time you log in using your phone credentials.

Nicknaming Your Accounts

If you would like to see nicknames on the accounts you have activated on your Mobile Banking, please log into your Internet Banking. Go to the Accounts Tab and choose Selection. You will get the list of all your accounts. Do not change the checkmark in the boxes beside your account numbers. Put in a nickname on the right of the account numbers for the accounts you have activated on your Mobile Banking. After you have done this click Save. The next time you log into Mobile Banking on your phone, these nicknames will show.


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