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The very first bank in the town of Waukon was started on May 11, 1871 by Lewis W. Hersey of Waukon and J.B. Turck of Milwaukee, WI. The business was general banking including taking deposits and making loans.

The “Waukon Bank” was officially incorporated as “Waukon State Bank” on April 22, 1892. The bank was in good financial condition and survived the depression years without one penny lost by depositors.

The bank had various locations in downtown Waukon before moving to the current location in 1937. The downtown location served customers well, but in 1970 more convenience was needed so a drive-in location was built on Rossville Road.

The bank expanded in 1996 by starting a brand new bank in Decorah, “Viking State Bank & Trust”. This bank was started with $2,500,000 in capital and was ready to serve customers of the Decorah community.

In 2012, Waukon State Bank and Viking State Bank & Trust merged into one chartered bank. Viking State Bank & Trust operates as a Division of Waukon State Bank.

Waukon State Bank sincerely appreciates our customers who have made this story possible. Our goal is always to serve customers with the respect and exceptional personal service that they deserve.


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