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To contact us:  

22 West Main Street
P.O. Box 246
Waukon, Iowa 52172
Phone: 563-568-3451
Fax: 563-568-6247

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Electronic Bank Statements are now available at
Waukon State Bank!

You can now receive your Waukon State Bank statement electronically instead of by mail. This is a new service that is offered free of charge.

If you choose an electronic bank statement, your bank statement plus all check images will be delivered to your e-mail account. The delivery to your e-mail account is very secure as the transmission is encrypted. If you choose an electronic bank statement, you will not receive a bank statement by mail.

When your bank statement is available electronically, you will receive an e-mail letting you know this information. You will determine a password when you sign up for electronic statement delivery. You will use this password to view your bank statement. You can then save your bank statement electronically on your computer, floppy disk, etc, or print the statement on your home computer printer if you wish.

If you would like to sign up for this great, free service, please click on the link below and fill out the application. Please sign the application and mail to the address listed below. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for banking with us!

Return this completed form to us by mail, by fax or in person:

Waukon State Bank
Bookkeeping Department
22 West Main Street
PO Box 246
Waukon, IA 52172

Phone: 563-568-3451
Fax: 563-568-6247

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